• 4 unique monster trucks (3 unlockable)

  • 15 unique levels (14 unlockable)

  • Dynamic 3D objects to crush and crash through

  • Dynamic truck parts that fly off the truck as it takes damage

  • Suspension physics is fine-tuned and fully animated

  • Unlockable feature that allows you to customize the truck’s physics


Are you ready for the experience of a lifetime! Here is your chance to race some of the largest vehicles around, Monster Trucks! Smashing into your opponents to cause damage is expected, if you don’t they will. Also, it wouldn’t be monster trucks if you didn’t have a few cars to flatten and some billboards to crash through.

Trucks take damage and will shed body panels until all you’re left with is a truck chassis and fully animated vehicle suspension. The physics are realistic and fine-tuned to allow the player the best control using the tilt steering.

iPhone version $1.99

iPad version $2.99

Available on the iPhone and iPad

iPhone version Screen Shots

iPad version Screen Shots