• 4 unique Karts (3 unlockable)

  • 15 unique levels (14 unlockable)

  • Dynamic 3D objects to  crash through

  • Dynamic Kart parts that fly off the Kart as it takes damage

  • Suspension physics is fine-tuned and fully animated

  • Unlockable feature that allows you to customize the kart’s physics


Are you ready for dirty fun! Here is your chance to race Go-Karts, Off-Road! Smashing into your opponents to cause damage is expected, if you don’t they will.

Karts take damage and will shed body panels until all you’re left with is a Go-Kart chassis and fully animated vehicle suspension. The physics are realistic and fine-tuned to allow the player the best control using the tilt steering.

iPhone version $1.99

iPad version $2.99

Available on the iPhone and iPad

iPhone version Screen Shots

iPad version Screen Shots